Build a Real-Time Brand Command Center

Real-Time Command Centers are all the rage for brands, publishers, and travel companies, and it’s not just a trend, it’s an ROI-driving business model. CMOs are overwhelmed with data and marketing teams are craving actionable consumer insights.

But what does a real-time command center actually do, what are the different business models, and should you even create one? Should it be in house, out of house, or a collaboration -- and who should you hire?

David Beebe and the team at Storified Hospitality created Marriott International’s Cannes Lions Award-winning global command centers and have advised other brands including Soutwest Airlines, Destination Canada, Air New Zealand on the build out of global brand command centers.

We will walk you through the process of building a command center, providing ongoing personalized recommendations as to the hardware and software you should choose, and help you choose a stack based on your based on your needs, budget, and brand/property type.

The Storified Hospitality team will then recommend a personalized staffing model and structure, and guide you through the execution progress.

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