Whether you want to access the latest industry insights to understand the market and competitor landscape, category health, and customer trends, or you want to refine your positioning and promise or burrow deep into the hearts and minds of your customers, we’ll arm you with the data, tools, and strategies you need to build better brands and meaningful relationships with your customers.

Our experienced team of data analysts, researchers, and brand strategists have delivered market research, brand development and audience segmentation work for Fortune 500 brands, as well as brands in the hospitality, retail, and lifestyle sectors.

Market and Competitor Research

We dive deep into your industry to assess market size, bookings and revenue, CAGR, health, stability, trends, and challenges.

Then, we evaluate the competition and define points of parity, difference, and industry imperatives using SWOT and PESTLE analysis.

Finally, we analyze consumer and technology trends and behavioral shifts and the impact on your travel, tourism, and hospitality brand.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning includes the strategic and creative design and architecture of a brand based on the market, customer, and business factors. Consider this the blueprint of travel, tourism, or hospitality business before you even lay the first brick.

We’ll kick off the process with a company, competitor, and customer review and analysis, and then we’ll develop:

•Brand narrative, anchor, vision, mission, and values statements

•Brand and by-service positioning and purpose statements using prism, Bullseye, BP and C-D mapping analysis

•Benefit and RTB messaging through an insight-driven ladder approach

•Brand personality, voice, and tone standards through Aaker’s Five Dimensions, Jung’s 12 Archetype Analysis, mood boards, and cross-brand “window shopping”

•Sample messaging and content that puts your brand into practice

Audience Segmentation

Audience profiling and segmentation ensures that you have a deep understanding of your customers’ demographics, behaviors, attitudes, lifestyle, habits, motivations, influences, buyer and brand journey, and ethnography so you can connect with them using the right message at the right time on the right channel.

We’ll develop comprehensive audience profiles and messaging matrices based on cutting edge primary and secondary research.

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