Brand Newsrooms

For some brands, having the capability to create live programming, streaming shows, and content in real-time based on breaking news, trending topics, or content related to their narrative, is very important.

That's where a brand newsroom comes in. Staffed with a team of writers, editors, creators, and talent, a brand newsroom breaks down silo's and allows teams in PR, brand, and communications to work in real-time so they can stay ahead of the story and even navigate their own.

rand Newsrooms are all the rage for brands, publishers, and travel companies, and it’s not just a trend, it’s an ROI-driving business model. CMOs are overwhelmed with data and marketing teams are craving actionable consumer insights.

But what does a brand newsroom center actually do, what are the different business models, and should you even create one?

David Beebe and the team at Storified Hospitality are experts at developing real-time newsrooms for top brands and travel organizations around the globe.

We will walk you through the process of building a brand newsroom, providing ongoing personalized recommendations as to the hardware and software you should choose, and help you choose a stack based on your based on your needs, budget, and brand. The Storified Hospitality team will then recommend a personalized staffing model and structure, and guide you through the execution progress.

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