Based in San Francisco, Tickr is the premier provider of real-time business data visualization, empowering organizations with insight into how their brand, products and services are being perceived and discussed across the web, side-by-side with key performance metrics on advertising marketing, sales and operations.

Tickr unifies internal enterprise sources and external data -- from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to business-critical applications like, Oracle and more. Clients include Google, Nike, Marriott, United Airlines, Dyson, and more.
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Fabl is a new visual storytelling platform (SaaS) that drives content and social marketing campaigns, making it easy for you to create and publish compelling content and engage with your customers in an authentic way.

Fabl synchronizes analytics on the back end, letting you assess and adjust throughout the campaign for maximum reach and impact. Content managers who use Fabl can easily craft and tell the story of their brand, build authentic relationships with customers, drive revenue and boost brand recall. Contact us for exclusive partner terms.

Based in New York, Sylo is the independent third-party measurement and analytics source for social marketing, providing brand safety, data transparency, and actionable insights.

With insights from public and private data, Sylo helps you understand and optimize performance. Fraudulent activity doesn’t happen all at once. That’s why Sylo created the Pulse, a system that alerts you to unusual activity in realtime. Don’t settle for incomplete screenshots or self-reporting. Analyze both public and private performance data from an independent, third-party. Contact us for exclusive partner terms.