Storied Hotels is our owned and operated multi-platform media and marketing brand that informs, entertains, and engages curious travelers with premium story-driven creative and content that brings to life the stories that define and live between the walls and in the lobbies, lounges, and rooms of the world’s most Storied Hotels.

Whether it’s a long form editorial feature article, digital series, documentary, short film, podcast, coffee table book, or magazine, curious travelers, hotel lovers, and history buffs engage with our content through multiple formats and platforms. In turn, they stay, explore, and book at our featured hotels to experience it and to make stories of their own.

We believe that every hotel is a set, a stage, and a character within itself. A never-ending live-theater performance with unfolding scenes. From overnight guests to drop-in visitors to hotel associates, the panoply of people occupying a hotel at any given moment creates the ultimate improv performance. Characters from different walks of life, religions, and political persuasions change the storyline every single day. We tell their stories.